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Pure and Natural Cleaning Tips

by Jutta "Utah" Burden

Is it crowded under your sink with bottles of cleaning products? Healthy cleaning at home starts with some basic ingredients that keep toxins at bay, the EcoNest sparkling and your pocketbook happy. Below are great tips for creating pure and natural cleaning products for your home.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Ingredients

Baking soda: An all-purpose cleaner especially effective on glass coffee pots and glassware, baking soda also removes red-wine stains from carpeting. A paste (made with water) can shine stainless steel and silver and can remove tea stains from cups and saucers. Make a paste by mixing baking soda with a Castile or vegetable-based liquid soap and a drop of essential oil (tea tree or lavender) to clean sinks, countertops, toilets and tubs. To clear a clogged drain, pour 1 cup down the sink followed by 3 cups of boiling water.

Boiling water: Use weekly to flush drains and avoid clogs.

Coarse salt: Cleans copper pans and scours cookware. Sprinkle salt on fresh spills in the oven, and then wipe off. Sprinkle salt on rust stains and squeeze a lime or lemon over them, let sit for several hours and wipe off.

Essential oils: Mix lavender or tea tree essential oils with water and spray on kitchen or bathroom surfaces for an environmentally and people-friendly antibacterial spray.

Grapefruit-seed extract: Add a few drops to water in a spray bottle for an odorless way to kill mold and mildew.

Lemon juice: Use as a bleaching agent on clothing, and to remove grease from your stove and countertops. Add 2 Tbsp lemon juice to 10 drops of (real) lemon oil and a few drops of jojoba oil to clean and polish wood furniture.

Olive oil: Use to lubricate and polish wood furniture (three parts olive oil to one part vinegar; or two parts olive oil with one part lemon juice). As an alternative, you can use linseed oil.

Potatoes: Halved potatoes can remove rust from baking pans or tin ware - follow with a salt scrub or dip the potato in salt before scrubbing.

Tea tree oil: Can be added to vinegar/water solutions for its antibacterial properties. Use it to kill mold and mildew, and on kitchen and bathroom surfaces instead of chemical products. Add 50 drops to a bucket of water to clean countertops and tile floors. You can combine it with vinegar.

Toothpaste (white, plain): Cleans silver; can remove water stains on wood furniture - dab on, allow it to dry and wipe off.

White vinegar: Cleans linoleum floors and glass (from windows to shower doors) when mixed with water and a little liquid soap (Castile or vegetable). White vinegar cuts grease, removes stains, removes soap scum and clean toilets (add a bit of baking soda if you like and a drop of your favorite essential oil). Pour down drains once a week for antibacterial cleaning. Add to water in a spray bottle to kill mold and mildew.
Tip from your  Woodlands  Realtor, 

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How to stop paying rent...Own your home!

by Jutta "Utah" Burden

Paying rent is like pouring money down the drain. But it's true, buying a home can be a "hair-raising" experience. It can be a roller coaster of emotions... finding the right place.... securing the loan._ moving in. And if you're like most of us, your home will be your largest investment The emotions over such a large and personal purchase can often cloud good business judgment.

Many home buyers do very little research before "diving in" and investing their hard-earned money. Before doing that, it makes sense to be as informed as possible. That's what this report is all about. It's designed to help you avoid 10 common, critical mistakes many home buyers make. If you follow these 10 suggestions, with the help of the right real estate professional, you'll stop paying rent and make a good sound business decision that you'll be happy and proud of for years to come.

I. Inspect, Inspect and Inspect- Go over the inspection report with a fine tooth comb. Make sure the report was done by a professional organization. For condo purchases, go over the by-laws, and association fees. Don't take anything for granted.... inspect everything!


2. Imagine the Property Vacant- Your furnishings and decorations will be the ones finding this new residence. Don't be swayed by beautiful furniture .„. it leaves with the owner..3, Income Plus Lifestyle Equals Mortgage Payment- Sit down with a competent real estate professional and honestly discuss your income level and living expenses. Take into account future considerations like children, add-ons, amenities or fix-ups.. Your dream home is certainly worth a sacrifice but doesn't mortgage your entire future.  

 4. View Several Homes- See at least 3-5 properties Don't move on the first property you see but...... don't move too slowly either. With your agent's help, you'll be able to view enough properties to get a good overall perspective of your market. And when you find the right property, all the legwork will be worth it.

5. Utilize Your Team- By aligning yourself with the right real estate professional, you'll have an entire team working for you, Top real estate professionals have lenders, title reps, inspection teams - an entire group of trained professionals making the whole buying experience simple and easy for you.

 6.  Check out all your costs and expenses before you sign: utilities, taxes, insurance, maintenance and homeowner dues, if applicable. Make sure all utilities are on (gas, electricity, and water), so you can inspect everything in working order Ask lots of questions and be very detail conscious.

7. Do a Final Walk-Through- Visit the property after all the furnishings have been moved out to be sure there are no surprises Be absolutely positive the property was left exactly as you had agreed upon in the contract. Many times, things are unintentionally overlooked that could have been spotted in a final walk- through.

8. Plan For Flexibility- Closing dates are not written in stone. Allow for contingencies and have a backup plan. If you or the sellers need a little more time to conclude the final arrangements, don't let these delays upset or frustrate you. These types of circumstances are not uncommon in a real estate transaction.



9. If It's Not In Writing, It Doesn't Exist- All promises and discussions are to be in writing. Don't make any assumptions or believe any assurances. Even the best intentions can be misinterpreted. Have your real estate professional keep an ongoing log (in writing) of all discussions, and get the seller's written approval for all agreements.

10. Loyalty Breeds Loyalty- Be open, honest and up-front with your team.. Bad feelings and disloyalty will cause headaches, delays or may even keep you from getting into the home you worked so hard to locate. Take the time to select the right team in the beginning and your first home purchase will be a simple, easy and profitable experience you'll have fond memories of.. for years to come.

My hope with this report has been to educate you and help you avoid the pitfalls many home buyers go through. I hope you found the ideas valuable and if there is ever any way I can be of service to you or anyone you care about, please contact my office. Your initial consultation is completely free of charge and you're under no obligation of any kind. We'll sit down for 15-20 minutes_ no high-pressure, just plain, honest talk about what it's going to take to achieve your personal goals. Go ahead, pick up the phone and give me a call. I'd love to hear from you!


Jutta "Utah" Burden



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Tomball and Magnolia Texas

by Jutta "Utah" Burden

Tomball is a small area approximately 30 miles northwest of downtown Houston. Around 1849, German immigrants in search of fertile soil and a climate favorable for farming fell in love with the area’s plentiful pastures, streams, and pine trees. In 1907, Senator Thomas H. Ball helped bring the railroad to the town, which was then called “Peck.” The increased prosperity brought by the railroad led to the town’s rechristening as “Tomball.”

When oil was discovered in Tomball in 1933, the agricultural town experienced a massive boom. Development sprung up throughout the city’s limits. New houses, businesses, and schoolhouses were built. Today, Tomball is known as a peaceful, small-town community with convenient access to big-city amenities. Though the oil boom is long ago, both Tomball and the nearby rural community of Magnolia continue to experience tremendous growth.

Magnolia is situated approximately 12 miles northwest of Tomball and 45 miles northwest of Houston, Texas. Thanks to its location, small-town charm, and beautiful surroundings, Magnolia’s population has grown 25% in the past ten years. It is now home to approximately 138,000 people.


Conroe ISD announces policy for free and reduced-price meals!!

by Jutta "Utah" Burden

THE WOODLANDS, Texas – Conroe ISD announced its policy today for providing free and reduced-price meals for children served under the attached eligibility guidelines.


To view the eligibilty guidlelines, click here.


Each school/site or the central office has a copy of the policy, which may be reviewed by anyone on request.


Starting on August 1, Conroe ISD will begin distributing letters to the households of the children in the district about the eligibility benefits and any actions households need to take to apply for these benefits.


Paper applications are available at the Child Nutrition Office located at 601 W. Lewis, Conroe, TX 77301 and individual school campuses.


Online applications can be completed at


The following criteria will be used to determine a child’s eligibility for free or reduced price meal benefits:


  • Household income that is at or below the income eligibility levels
  • Household receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF); or Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)
  • Child’s status as a foster child, homeless, runaway, migrant or displaced by a declared disaster
  • Child’s enrollment in Head Start or Even Start


For those that qualify for free or reduced-price meals based on income, an adult in the household must fill out free and reduced-price meal application and return it to (insert name, title, and contact information).


Those individuals filling out the application will need to provide the following information:


  • Name of all household members
  • Amount, Frequency and source of current income for each household member
  • Last four digits of the Social Security number of the adult household member who signs the application or, if the adult does not have a Social Security number, check the box for “No Social Security number”
  • Signature of an adult household member attesting that the information provided is correct


Conroe ISD is working with local agencies to identify all children who are categorically and program eligible.


CISD will notify the households of these children that they do not need to complete an application.


Any household that does not receive a letter and feels it should have or that wishes to decline benefits should contact Dina Herrick, Free and Reduced Specialist, 601 W. Lewis, Conroe, TX 77301 or via phone at 936-709-8197.


Under the provisions of the free and reduced-price meal policy, the Free and Reduced Specialist, will review applications and determine eligibility.

Households or guardians dissatisfied with the Reviewing Official’s eligibility determination may wish to discuss the decision with the Reviewing Official on an informal Basis.


Households wishing to make a formal appeal for a hearing on the decision may make a request either orally or in writing to the Child Nutrition Director, 3205 W. Davis, Conroe, TX 77304 or by phone at 936-709-8186.


If a household member becomes unemployed or the household size increases, the household should contact the school.


Such changes may make the children of the household eligible for benefits if the household’s income falls at or below the attached current income eligibility guidelines.


THE WOODLANDS, Texas -- Are you 50-years-old or older and looking for unique way to stay active and engaged in retirement or semi-retirement?


Discover the only Lifelong Learning Institute in north Houston.


The Academy for Lifelong Learning (ALL) at Lone Star College-Montgomery will host an open house Saturday, Aug. 12, from 11 a.m.-1p.m. downstairs in the Atrium of the Health Science Center (building B).


“ALL helps adults in the area keep learning and stay connected close to home,” said Steven Gorman, ALL program manager at LSC-Montgomery. “ALL encourages a sense of community and camaraderie. At the open house attendees can meet instructors and socialize with other members.”


ALL is a membership organization filled with lectures, seminars and discussions.


Classes cover a variety of topics such as art, computer technology, personal growth, languages, history, travel, and more at a fraction of the cost.


A small annual membership fee of $35 allows members to take ALL courses free of charge and use the services of LSC-Montgomery, including the Student Tutoring and Research (STAR) Center, the library, Internet access and theater activities.


The annual membership lasts from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31.


Each of the six colleges within Lone Star College offers continuing education for older, active adults through the ALL organization.


Course offerings and program events vary with each campus.


You can choose to join all six campuses’ ALL Programs for only $55.


ALL class topics are proposed and taught by members, retired and active faculty volunteers, and outside experts.


The combined years of real-life experience elevate the intellectual discourse of the classes.




Members can also participate in social activities with other older, active adults and share their joy of learning together.


For more information about ALL, contact the continuing education department at LSC-Montgomery at 936.273.7446, or email



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THE WOODLANDS, Texas – H-E-B is adding a new option of convenience to its already low prices and healthy food choices - Curbside Pickup.



The new program, which launched earlier this year, is designed to save customers time while offering all the products and savings they can get in-store.


H-E- B Woodlands Market, located at Market Street, is now offering the service.


For 110 years H-E- B has been committed to giving customers the highest quality products at everyday low prices, with a hassle-free shopping experience.


“We are thrilled to bring this program to our valued customers in The Woodlands,” said Director of Public Affairs Cyndy Garza Roberts. “Every day we strive to enhance our customer’s experience. Curbside Pickup makes grocery shopping even easier and more convenient whether you’re in the neighborhood or stopping by on your commute.”


Customers simply visit, create a grocery list, place their order at least four hours prior to the scheduled pick up at the designated Curbside Delivery location, and H-E- B’s personal shoppers will hand pick all grocery selections between 7:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m.


No minimum order is required; there is just a small pick-up service fee of $4.95.


Customers can place their order anytime, day or night and can even schedule an order up to seven days in advance.


They can also add notes to their order, or select substitution request with just one click.


This article was shared with you by #1 Rated Realtor of The Woodlands, Jutta "Utah" Burden.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas -- Montgomery County students from Kindergarten through 12th grade will have improved access to new socks and underwear through United Way of Greater Houston’s Project Undercover. Studies show 1 in 5 children don’t have access to clean clothes, often because their families are unable to provide these items due to financial constraints. Students without clean clothes often choose to miss school, which can become a leading factor in high school dropout rates.


Approximately 41 percent of students in Montgomery County come from economically disadvantaged families. Project Undercover makes it possible for lower-income students to wear brand new socks and underwear when they begin the school year, setting them on the path to success in school.

“All kids deserve to feel comfortable when they leave for school every day despite their financial situation,” said Emily Faron, volunteer engagement manager for United Way of Greater Houston. “A clean pair of socks and undies can increase a student’s attendance rate, therefore increasing the chances they graduate from high school. Anyone who contributes to Project Undercover should know they are helping Montgomery County students achieve academic success.”

In 2016, Project Undercover collected over 11,000 pairs of socks and underwear that benefited 1,100 Montgomery County students.

Between July 10 – Aug. 11, 2017, Montgomery County residents can deliver new pairs of socks and underwear to the United Way office at 1600 Lake Front Circle, Spring, TX 77380. Area corporations are encouraged to host company-wide drives as well and can setup a drop off location at their office. Additional information can be found at


This article was shared with you by #1 rated Realtor of The Woodlands, Tx - Jutta "Utah" Burden. 

Building your DREAM POOL with Complete Satisfaction!

by Jutta "Utah" Burden

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Looking for a new place?! Over 1 million homes updated every 5 minutes!

by Jutta "Utah" Burden

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